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RenovoRx is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with a vision to disrupt the current paradigm of cancer treatment. The company’s mission is to lead a revolution in oncology therapy by delivering its innovative and targeted IA delivery of chemotherapy directly to solid tumors. The RenovoTAMP® (RenovoRx Trans-Arterial Micro-Perfusion) therapy platform is being investigated to avoid the harsh side effects typical of the current standard of care, improving patient well-being and extension of life so more time can be enjoyed with loved ones.

RenovoTAMP is a targeted therapy platform that utilizes approved chemotherapeutics with validated mechanisms of action and well-established safety and side effect profiles, with the goal of increasing their efficacy, improving their safety, and widening their therapeutic window. RenovoRx’s lead product candidate, RenovoGem™ (a combination of gemcitabine and its patented delivery system) is regulated by the FDA as a novel oncology drug product to treat unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC).

Delivering targeted therapy via the RenovoTAMP platform safely and without transmission to non-targeted areas, is the primary focus for RenovoRx. The company’s patent portfolio currently includes eight US patents and one European patent for the technology with several additional patents pending in the US, Europe, and Asia.

After demonstrating a median survival of 27.9 months in Phase I/II clinical trials vs. 12-15 months reported in historical studies for this patient population, RenovoRx secured two separate Orphan Drug Designations from the FDA for intra-arterial gemcitabine: pancreatic cancer and bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma). This therapy is being further studied in the Phase III TIGeR-PaC clinical trial in pancreatic cancer and has a primary endpoint of overall survival and several secondary endpoints, including quality of life. The Phase III TIGeR-PaC clinical trial is enrolling unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients (LAPC) in the United States.

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